Seamstress of magic

It was a spectacle to hide the truth of her work.

Zlhna didn’t like to lie. She told her audience it would change their lives and then she would begin. Pulling the threads of power through the air, people believed as she had said. Afterward she would hear how they would never forget the image of something they could barely see being pulled into a different form, one indescribable to most.

That was not what Zlhna truly meant.

She was a seamstress and she did not bring her own material with her. She pulled the magic from the very existence of their location and turned it into something beautiful. That was not what she meant. She turned it into something better.

Not everyone thought it was better.

Yet she had yet to hear that it was bad. She believed it must be done. Zlhna would continue to do it. Because she believed it must be done.

Because Mai believed in her.


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