At one point, he knew

When they won their fight, they had received all they had asked for.

Objects swirled in the darkness. In sight. In touch. There was nothing after that, absolutely nothing. After taking what had belonged to him, it had all gone. Each of them had wanted this. It was so close and none hesitated to take it, not even the most cautious of them.

And what had awaited them was pain. Objects swirling in the light. In sight. They could finally touch it. Everything came after that, absolutely everything. Everything from nothing was too much for even the strongest to handle. The darkness of unconsciousness finally overtook him. He had watched as one by one, the others dropped to the ground. Because they were other people.

What did that mean?

When he awoke, he groaned. He lay on a bed, in a dark and windowless room that consisted of nothing else. His eyelids flickered open and shut as he examined the ceiling. Dim memories rose to the top of his consciousness. A strange feeling sat in his chest. Breathing in, he tried to figure out what it was.


A heart.


Slowly he sat up, his heart beating faster in his excitement. He didn’t know why. It came with the discovery of these emotions. For some reason, he wanted to be calm again to properly think about these new feelings. After the initial exhilaration however, he wondered why. He wondered about everything. He tried to remember.

He and his friends had succeeded. In what? Regaining self. How had he lost it? He didn’t remember. There had been a fight to regain it.

This means… He tried to think about it without being overwhelmed. Darkness waited to claim him if he strained in that direction. My name is… He paused, trying to remember.

My name is.

For the life of him, he could no longer remember.


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