What you can do, is all of it

“Red alert,” said one of the stylists. Kim, still cleaning up his station, didn’t ask. Someone else would for him.


“Chikwan’s coming in.”

All attention fell to Kim. He sighed. “Move the adjacent stations.”

They did as he bid, glad to not have the task of cutting Chikwan’s hair themselves. Kim pulled out all his tools of the trade. Life had certainly changed since Chikwan had first started coming in for a haircut. All would’ve been fine if Chikawn didn’t assume that meant a full treatment. No one wanted to suggest what groomer to go to for the rest.

At least Chikwan had never asked to avail himself of the pedicurists’ services. He couldn’t imagine either of them going out to buy nippers.

Kim had barely gotten ready by the time the centaur threw the doors open. “I need attending to!”

Kim kicked the chair out of the way. “Right here, Chikwan. What all can I do for you today?”


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