Could have been a disaster

“No, no, no. They’ll recognize you if you go in like that.”

Jay looked down at his clothing, then back at Robin. “How else could I go in? It’s not as if I carry an entire wardrobe with me at all times. We don’t have time.”

“We have some things to improvise with.”

Jay felt his heart drop into his feet. He had a terrible idea of what Jay wanted to suggest. “I’m not wearing a dress. Nothing against that, but it would make me more conspicuous. If anything. Under no circumstances will I wear that dress.”

Robin stopped in mid-motion. “You didn’t even let me try!”

“That is a delivery as well,” Jay reminded him. “What sort of people would we be if we brought to her a soiled dress?”

Thankfully, Robin reluctantly agreed with that, if not the rest of it. “That’s true. I was thinking- It doesn’t matter.”

“You’ll just have to step inside yourself.”

“M-me? By myself?”

He had taken Robin off guard, though he hated how he had managed it. “I’ll be just outside. We need to see in there. You’re quite observant.” Though usually of the wrong things, but Robin had been known to pay attention to the correct things too. “I know you can do it.”

Robin smoothed the front of his jacket. “Very well, Jay. I’ll do it. I won’t let you down!”

Jay gave him a smile. “Good man.”

While he continued a portrayal of complete confidence watching Robin go inside, Jay felt a slight sense of dread. If he had to bail Robin out of jail after this, it would have a terrible effect on both of their next paychecks.


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