Time for confrontation

The city sounded like a heartbeat. The heat came down like rain and the populous marched through the streets, continuing on their rails without pause. It was a miserable existence. Yet Rosemarie looked at her left and saw Sariah there. Her friend smiled, a stark white strip between dark lips. Next to Sariah sat her mutt, panting further back in the shade. A blue plastic bowl lay next to both of them. For the dog, so neither of them could drip a foot in to cool off.

“Are you ready?”

“No,” Rosemarie admitted. Her sweat made the air humid, she couldn’t tell if it actually was humid or if it was only her. Sariah looked barely comfortable, but that was leagues ahead of where she was now.

The dog lapped at the water. The mindless horde passed them by continuously.

“We have to.”

Rosemarie sighed, pulling in air between her teeth. “Me first then.” She stepped out and all stared at her, moving as one. Sariah readied her bow.

Then the fight began.


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