Maybe for the best, but who knows

“It wasn’t me.”

It looked like no one believed the mage, except for the monk. She would have claimed responsibility, the monk knew. The mage wouldn’t have blown the horizon up and then deny it.

“This is worthless,” the rogue scoffed. “We came all this way, it’s gone now, fantastic.”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions,” the monk said.

“You are just happy you don’t have to decide what to do about the horizon.”

“You were on watch.” The monk turned, exasperated, toward the barbarian, knowing he would have an answer. “Did anyone near the horizon?”

The barbarian shook his head.

“We have to open our minds to what all could have happened. I know it seems odd, an explosion not caused by the mage, but she isn’t responsible for every explosion.”

“Sometimes it’s the rogue,” the ranger agreed, snark evident in her voice. The rogue glared at her.

“Let’s look around. Split into two groups. The barbarian will stay at our campsite, in case something happens here. The mage and I will go south, you two go north.”

The party agreed on this and began to examine what was left of the horizon.

The barbarian waited, knowing they would find nothing. Knowing all tracks were covered. With no horizon left, they would all finally start their trek back home.


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