He doesn’t have any

“If I left this here, you wouldn’t leave it until the end of the day.”

Robin looked at Jay, then at the wrapped cake Jay had placed on the desk. First of all, he didn’t understand what the point would be. They were going to eat that later. Waiting until the end of the day was anticipation for no reason. “Is this a dare?” Robin asked.

“No, it’s a statement.” With that, Jay picked up the box. “I’m moving this elsewhere. Don’t follow me, Robin. We have a client coming and all three of us will have this. Please show some restraint.”

Robin scoffed. “You act like I have none!”

Jay rose an eyebrow, but didn’t comment. He took the dessert and vacated the room. Robin watched him go.

Unfortunately, Jay had learned well, because Robin could not find it no matter how long and hard he looked.


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