I want to spell unfazed with a “ph”

“Why do I have to wait with the ride?”

Shui should have been the last option, if just for the sake of his traveling companions. They had to know how annoying he’d become when he didn’t have a chance to blow off some steam. Which literally had nothing to do with the smoke he was blowing out from his cigarette.

“It’s not as if we’re worried about someone messing with it. You’re a fucking dragon. Who’s going to mess with that?”

The dragon stared down at him, likely unfazed. Then, with a single snort, the cigarette was ripped from his fingers and hit the floor.

“Goddamn it.” Kun would tell him he deserved that and that dragons had an odd way of deciding when they should be insulted. “You should agree. You’d totally prefer anyone else to wait with you. We barely get along.”

The dragon began to groom a wing. Shui was being ignored. He grit his teeth, picking his cigarette back up. He looked out into society, aware of everyone who looked over to see a dragon. That actually garnered him a lot of attention for doing nothing. He picked out quite a few attractive ladies – and some of them weren’t even nervous because of the dragon.

Though someone could change that at any moment. “Look, I’ll make you a deal,” Shui said. “We’ll go and get an entire… what do you want? Some cattle? A fat, tender piece of…” Now he was hungry. “We’ll do that, if you behave. I don’t even want you to do anything you wouldn’t normally do. Just pretend I’m Kun and behave for me, okay?”

He wished he could tell if the dragon had agreed with him. Smoothing back his hair, he got ready. As long as nothing too crazy happened, he could handle this.

Then, after a loud yawn, the dragon laid down on top of him.

“Oh, come on!”

But it was where he would be pinned until the other three returned.


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