Actually, it’s to save you from insanity of seeing an otherworldly being

The being descended down before him with majestic light. “I have come bearing you tidings, mortal.”

The mortal squinted. “That’s nice, but could you tone it down a little?”

As that wasn’t the usual reaction to seeing an angel, the otherworldly being wasn’t sure what he was talking about. “To what do you refer?”

“The majestic light. It’s a little too bright to be really majestic. It just makes you seem like some guy that has a spotlight behind them. I mean, the descending from on high was great, but maybe there are wires or something? I dunno. In any case, you look like a silhouette and I can barely even make that out.”

The angel paused. A very slight pause, but a pause nonetheless. “Do you doubt my origins, mortal?”

“I guess? What are you claiming to be?”

Peering through their own light, the angel focused on him. “I do not believe you are who I am waiting to talk to.”

“What?” the man said. But the angel had already decided to peace out, realizing the truth of the matter. The light was too bright and they’d descended down before the wrong person with a less than majestic light.


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