Hopefully she fails

He only thought he was safe.

She knew he hadn’t forgotten her. He couldn’t. They were aware of each other’s life at every available interval. It had gnawed at her for so long, knowing it and being unable to do anything about it. Searching far and wide. But now no longer. Now she had finally caught up to him. Now she would finally win.

He wasn’t alone, her brother. While she was strong, she didn’t want to take a false step. It would be a mistake to assume that one of his friends didn’t have a trick up their sleeve. The fact he had friends was laughable. If any of them got in her way, she knew what to do about them. They were unimportant. Simply obstacles… if they got in her way. Did he think they would protect him? It’s not as if he could have forgotten that she was coming for him. As, for some reason, he hadn’t come for her.

Only one of them would survive this. They had both known all along it would be her.

She would eat him and be the only one left, as it was always meant to be.

She licked her lips and summoned him.


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