A different sort of genre tasting

It was time for dinner. Mikhos looked at his options.

Menachem held out a dictionary. “How about this? Has a bit of everything?”

Mikhos shook his head. “Too dry.”


Mikhos left behind any thoughts of eating a series, that was way too much food for one sitting and some of these series were too long to think about. “Something hefty still, but not dry. Something with a particular… spice?”

“You want one of these romance titles?”

He made a face. “Not that sort of spice. I don’t like them that much.”

“How about a cooking book? At least you know what it will taste like.”

“I guess…”

Fortunately, Menachem didn’t push it as they continued to peruse the library. Mikhos had long since been irritated with his own picky tastes, but Menachem was much more patient with him than he himself was.

“Spice? How about just flavorful?”

Mikhos looked over and Menachem held a book out to him. From the cover, Mikhos could tell what it was. A mystery. It was worth a shot. “Thank you.”

Flipping through the pages and finding it acceptable, Mikhos took a bite.

He liked it.


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