The perspective of humanity

The surface of the planet was orange dust. The one moving form on the surface was a gleaming white, bipedal creature, who lumbered forward, using unknown senses to find its way forward. The legs thickened on the way down to the base, ending in a flat foot that was speckled in the orange dust it trekked through. The neck was as thick as the head and there was only feature on the white surface. Two slits which must have been nostrils, or forward facing ear canals. It was impossible to tell.

Eventually it stopped. What stopped it was a tall black pillar which jutted out of the dust. It towered above everything else on the surface. If the creature had eyes, it likely couldn’t see the top. Yet it did not appear to look upwards, even if it could. It stood there and froze.

Time passed. The dust fell from its legs. More time passed.

What this meant and why it had happened, the observers continued to theorize about. But they would never learn what that creature was or why it had done as it had.

They would never learn of its sacrifice.


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