The way to not be chronological

The wise man took in another breath. “To save the Kingdom, you must bring together the five artifacts of hope.”

“Where will I find them?” the heroine asked.

“The first you will find at the Forest Plateau. The second in the mines under Lapchi mountain. The third is situated further north in the only water hole in the center of the desert. Next comes the forth at the base of the tallest volcano within the Biranji mountains. Finally… the fifth can be found in Karracho Village.”

The heroine blanched. “That’s where I came from.”

“Yes. It’s under the fountain in the town square.”

“That’s ten miles down the road. I should get that one first.”

“But that is the fifth artifact!”

She frowned at the wise man. “Is there a reason to do it in that order? Does the fifth one require me to have a number of the other ones?”

He cleared his throat. “In the order stated-”

“You aren’t answering my question.”

The wise man cleared his throat again. “The first you will find at the-”

The heroine threw her hands up to stop him. “No. You just said before all this I’d have to destroy them all. Shouldn’t I do the volcano one last? Lava melts everything, right? I’ll throw them all into the volcano.”

“But the order-”

“Thanks, elder,” the heroine ended the conversation. She then went and did everything more conveniently than he had told her to do.


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