In for a ride (hopefully not under the wheels)

Rei came into his shop looking a bit worse for wear, but surprisingly not aware of it. Hiroshi grabbed a water bottle and thought twice about throwing it over.

“She asked me out,” Rei said in disbelief.

“What? You look like you were run over.”

“Well, yeah. That happened first.”


Rei sat down in the chair at the corner of the shop, the chair he always sat in. “She hit me with her scooter, took me to her house, and when I was feeling better she asked me out.”

“Who?” Hiroshi was beginning to believe Rei might not be brain damaged and this had actually happened. If it was who he thought it was, it couldn’t have been on purpose, could it-


He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Yeah, okay. Sounds like something she’d do.”

“I said yes.”

“Sounds like something you’d do.” Hiroshi set the water bottle on the shelf next to Rei. “Drink up. If you’re serious about her, getting hit by a scooter might be the least of your worries.”


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