This was going to be a completely different story

John had a problem. The problem was that he wasn’t good at his job. “I’m not good at my job,” he told his wife.

“Are you serious?” she responded. “You’ve been at it for years!”

He knew that, but it didn’t change anything. It made him sad that he didn’t know what to do. “I’m super upset. What should I do?”

“Get rid of the narrator, that’s what!” she scoffed. “What sort of story is this?”

John had no idea what she was talking about. “I don’t kn-”

“Of course you don’t know what I’m talking about!” She laughed, a shake of her head and a roll of her eyes. “John. Lean in for a moment.”

He did so and she reached up to his face to-

“There, got rid of it. Now, we’ll talk about everything else after dinner. I’m sure you’re hungry.”


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