What she deserves

“And here we have the abyss,” said Martin.

Diana looked down into the nothingness. “Huh.” She pulled out some gum and put it in her mouth.

Martin pretended not to see it. “In the abyss lives the monsters that provide our energy. So please show a little more interest. Or something.”

She shrugged. “They’re going to do that whether I care or not, right? Why bother.”

“It’s best to know how your own power works.” He tried not to groan, but as always when dealing with Diana, it was difficult to keep himself calm. “Would you rather move on?”

She nodded, folding her arms over her chest. “Yeah, I don’t care about this.”

Finally. Martin couldn’t help but smirk. “Well, the next step is something that might interest you more.”

Without further ado, Martin shoved her into the abyss, taking a small amount of pleasure from her scream of outrage and surprise that descended with her into the nothingness.

She would be a nightmare to deal with when she got out, but he decided it had been worth it.

If she had been more willing to listen, she would have been prepared.


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