Some people like that

What had enticed him to Diana was her look.

Her eyes were amber, almond shaped, but that mattered little except for how he had memorized those details and more from how often they had captivated him. Not in a sensual way, because he had never seen her look at anything but that cigarette in a longing fashion. She had the tendency to look annoyed, which was not her best expression, yet had drawn him to her anyway.

She stared at whatever interested her with her full attention. When he spoke, she would look at him and it was only him. Sure, what came out of her mouth might fall short of that, but he knew she was paying attention. She listened. Her output just wasn’t the same as her input. Even that interested him.

Even her hypocrisy. “What are you staring at?”

And he did not look away, not immediately, because she deserved as good as she gave.


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