“Move it slowly,” Diana’s teacher said. “The mind is powerful and you don’t have to use all that much of it to move anything.”

Diana could have cared less. Right now all she wanted was a cigarette. So she telekinesesed the chair out through the window.

Martin groaned. “That’s the third window this month.”

“And the second chair. Give me a cigarette.”

For fear of further damages, he did give her back her cigarette pack. “But you have to light it yourself. No lighter, no matches. Just your mind, Diana-”

He had not finished those words before the smoke began to rise. Diana exhaled, her edge melted away with some of her lungs. “What was that?”

“Mental note, make a better use of incentives,” Martin grumbled to himself.

But Diana still didn’t care too much and ignored the threat. It would be a future threat and therefore wasn’t presently her problem.


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