Better not to think too much

Most people fear public speaking. This was not the case for Marlyn or her coworkers. Certainly some of them shook and shivered during the meetings, but amongst their own people each were paragons of confidence. It was not a fear of speaking. It was the uncertainty of the reactions of people they knew less. That was not a fear.

Death was.

Death. The absence of life. Marlyn had seen much of it, like her associates. There was death as they blinked, breathed, slept, woke. It was natural. Nothing could put it on a permanent hold.

“What is the definition of death?”

The absence of life, she tried to say, but couldn’t speak.

“What is the definition of life?”

A cellular… moving… reproducing… hereditary…

“We move. React. Our cells do. That is all.”

Marlyn choked on either the thin air or a vast understanding of her friend’s words.

“But we will be remembered. Forever and always.”

Juniper… you and your desperate performance.

What did people really know about those who had come before? Everything written in the history books came from another hand. As the years passed, the glass between them and that history became thicker. We will be forgotten someday.

Marlyn reeled in her mind. Juniper simply took another shot.


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