So irony tastes like smoke today

This was the finest test of his acting skills. He took the cigarette as Diana offered it to him.

She had been trying to quit for five years now. The last time she had smoked had been four months ago. The cigarette carton she carried was empty and meant to calm herself. Touching it for reassurance reminded herself that it was empty. That was the tale she had spun during the anonymous meeting.

The tale he had spun was that he had started smoking two years ago and had been smoke free for a month. His roommate smoked, so his clothes had the occasional odor. He had seen the reactions many a time when others had tried to quit. The dare that asked him to act like a recovering smoker had seemed easy. Therefore, right now, struggling with deciding to take a drag from the cigarette Diana had fallen with was an easy task for the budding actor.

Placing it to his lips was simply to be in character.

He had never expected to start smoking at a support group for quitting the habit.


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